Groupon Coupons saves you money when buying a new laptop

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My kids last day at school is fast approaching. My son will be in 8th grade while my daughter will be in 5th grade this coming September. They grow up so fast. I remember those days when they were little and really on their Mommy for everything. Now both of them are independent kids.

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My kids are unique though one is struggling at school while the other is exceeding in school. I both loved them so much unconditionally. They are both love gadgets and technology. They used Kindles, sometimes my Nook or my laptop when they have home works or need something to research for school project. Sometimes just play with games on their gadgets.

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The only thing I do not like is when they play games on my laptop. I use my laptop most of the time. It is a constant battle when the two of them wants to use my laptop at the same time. I am thinking of buying them a new laptop like this hp. I would love to save some money by using the Groupon Coupons. It will help me save some bucks in finding the best laptop for them that they can share. Definitely both of them cannot create any social medias with their own not without my consent. There are many crazy people in the internet. As a mother, I am so protective of their identities.

How about you? Are you looking for a new laptop for your kids as a gift or maybe for yourself? Why not use this coupon to help you save money with that laptop that you wish to buy for a long time.

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My Summer Babe’s First School Spring Band Concert

Yesterday night at 6:30, my Summer Babe and the rest of her school band mates had their First Spring Band Concert. It was held in the high school auditorium. My husband and I were our first time to visit the auditorium. It is a huge place.


My Summer Babe First School Band Concert

My Summer Babe First School Band Concert

We almost did not make it to her first band concert. She misplaced her mouthpiece for her baritone. We drove to the music store. She said she forgot to bring her music sheets. My husband drove again back to the house. He was very mad. Great thing that the music store has a trombone mouthpiece that can also fits on her baritone. It saved the day and her performance.

Performing "Hail The Conquering Hero" during her First School Band Concert.

Performing “Hail The Conquering Hero” during her First School Band Concert.

We got there at 6:15. We dropped her where her band mates stay. We went inside the auditorium. I grabbed the program so I can save it.

It was our first time to attend a band concert. It went fantastic. My Summer Babe and her band mates performed wonderful as a group. We really enjoyed listening to it. She had her 1 minute and 19 seconds solo performance. It was nerve-racking as a parent but at the same time we both are so proud of her. She was on stage longer as the music conductor does not know how to operate the piano. She did nailed that performance. She performed Hail The Conquering Hero. I wish that there is no baby in the background during her performance.

We were seated on the front to see her. She was on the third row to the right but moved to the front during her solo performance. They played beautiful songs and everybody had an amazing night. I wish I could see more of her performance next time. My husband and I had a wonderful time. We were so proud of our Summer Babe.

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This electric guitar I bet is fun to learn

Just like going to school, playing musical instrument involves learning too. You might stumble keys and notes when you are starting learning. It gets better as you keep on practicing everyday. I really like the look of this electric guitar that I found in fender telecaster musicians friend. It is too bad that my Summer Babe stops learning how to play the guitar. She is now playing the baritone instead. She is doing phenomenal as well.

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