Jangala a beautiful book about animals on how to stay together in a tribe

My kids are animal and pet lovers. We just adopted a Pitbull dog few months ago. Maggie, as they named her is a big addition to our family. We love her to pieces. It is a big responsibility taking care of a dog especially that my little girl is allergic to a dog. Maggie helped her to cope up with her allergy. Now my little girl is doing awesome with her dog allergy. She is now almost 100% dog allergy free.

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I was very happy and excited that I received the Jangala Tribal Warriors book for a review for my daughter. It is a beautiful book about a Jangala tribe. The main characters are the lion named Jamuca, wolf named Sherrita, antelopes Gabby and Nina, snake named Saco There is also Mr. Beamerz the sun. Mrs. Glowee as the moon. It is a beautiful book that will teach children beautiful lessons It teaches them how important to stay together as a family. It also teaches children on how to be great by helping each other. It also teaches children on how to solve a problem about misunderstanding with a friend.

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The book has 13 pages. I love the illustration. It is perfect for kids. The illustrator Beverly Lazor did an amazing job. I know that any kid will love this book to read. I know that my little love her new book. This will add to her book collections to read before going to bed. The story is easy to understand for kids too. The authors Sherry A. Blair and Nancy Azevedo Bonilla did a wonderful job writing this book.

Here is a video of my little girl reading the book Jangala Tribal Warriors: Living, Growing and Learning From the Heart. I hope that you will like it.
If your kids are book lover, why not get a copy for yourself. This is a great addition to their books collection. You can also learn more about in Facebook or follow them in Twitter.

I received the book for free. I am not compensated. All my thoughts and opinions are 100% honestly mine. It might be different from other people.

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Ready or not third grade here she comes

I went school supplies shopping with my summer babe at Wal-Mart yesterday. I am glad that I am done shopping with all her school supplies. She will be in third grade. I cannot believe that my summer babe is going to third grade already. She grows up too fast. Doesn’t she?


My summer babe preparing for her school supplies

My summer babe preparing for her school supplies

This is the classroom supply list she needs for the 2014-2015 school year.

4 glue sticks
2 dozen pencil
1 pink eraser or 1 package of eraser toppers (this is what we bought)
1 pair of children’s Fiskar scissors (I bought two, one pink and one purple, she will use the purple first)
4 plastic pocket folders
2 composition books
3 different colored highlighters
1 package of sticky notes
2 boxes of tissues
1 packet of wide rule paper
1 package of 3×5 index cards
1 container of Clorex wipes
1 quart size Ziploc
1 package of blue/black pens (she bought black pens)

Here is my summer babe while preparing for her school supplies. School is not started yet. I am glad that we are done shopping for her school supplies.

How about you? Is school started in your State? Did you buy your kid’s school supplies yet?

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Where to pursue a higher education

The App-Aided College Student | Campbellsville U Infographic
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I graduated with a Bachelor degree back in the Philippines. I finished a four-year course of Bachelor of Science with a Commerce major in Economics back in 1995. There are times that I plan to study another course. I just want to learn more about computers. I think it will help me with my freelance or maybe find a better job that deals with computers. I know that my husband wants me to work when he retires. By then I will be finished with a computer course and be able to help him when he retires. It is my turn now to help him. What do you think?

 photo graduationschool_zps20966be2.jpg
How about you? Are you planning on pursuing another study after you graduate? You can find many courses from this graduate school. They offer many graduate degrees that are perfect for your interest. They have three locations you can pick from that are near you. There is Campbellsville, Louisville and Somerset. This is a Christian school as well. You can still learn if you are not Christian. You can also take online classes to receive a degree. This schedule works great when your schedule is very hectic. I wish you good luck and hope you will be successful in the future.

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