Why I love to munch the Luv Michael Granola

I was raised by Filipino parents and eating granola while growing up is not a part of our meal. We always eats rice even my kids wants egg,breakfast and rice for breakfast. I guess it is in their half Filipino blood. Unfortunately, I am back to working for seven months now. Sometimes I work early and my kids are still in bed. I make it sure that they have food ready and just need to warm up when they are awake and ready to have breakfast.

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School will also start next week. The first of school for my kids is on Tuesday. I am also working that day. Good thing my daughter is only half day but my son is full day. My son eats lunch at school. He also eats breakfast at school even though he already eats at home. My only problem is my daughter. Being born with so many allergies especially dairy foods and peanut among few of her allergies. Looking for food that is nut free is very important.

 photo Luv Michael granola A_zpsrknuqcqh.jpg

I am so thankful that LUV MICHAEL sent me these two packages of their granola bar. It is a little hard when you bite it first but so crunchy the moment you eat it for few seconds. I love that this granola bar is GLUTTEN FREE, NUT FREE, DAIRY FREE, NON GMO and all ORGANIC ingredients. It only has 200 calories. I am still chewing the granola while writing my review. Definitely, I need to buy a big bag so my daughter can bring one for her lunch at school.

 photo Luv Michael granola B_zpsnvtedgrb.jpg

The best part of LUV MICHAEL granola bar is made with love. The mission is so beautiful and that it will touch your heart. You should read how LUV MICHAEL is created. You should checkout their Facebook, TwitterGoogle Plus and Linked In as well for more updates and how to donate for a great cause.


I received the products free from BrandBacker in exchange of my honest review.

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How to keep your students hydrated in going to school with water filters from Groupon


This is a sponsored post. All my opinions are mine.

I admit one of my kids does not like to drink water. My Summer Babe loves to drink water. She gets thirsty easily. I love to drink water as well compared to pop, juice and milk. I prefer water myself. Though my husband does not like to drink water. It must be a boy thing I guess.

 photo water filters_zpsfugqxbv9.jpg

We have a gallon of purified water delivered to our house every month. We usually finish two gallons of jar every month. We always have one extra gallon. When my husband’s eldest daughter was here, she used water. We used all the three gallon of waters. I also bring water bottle to work with me. Sometimes my husband brings two bottled water to work with him. I wish we use this  water filters from Groupon Goods. I always  find their Website the best way to save from everything we need. If you are looking for water filters to keep your student hydrated in going to school, I recommend you to check out the Website. There are many brands that are available to help you save money.

My kids are still off from school. They are going back the day after Labor Day. How about your kids? Are they back in school yet? Did you buy their school supplies yet? Make sure you add the water filters on your shopping list as well. If you have not like their Facebook or follow their Twitter yet, you are missing big savings.

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Why Paint With A Twist is a perfect family activity

My Summer Babe loves to draw, color and paint. Unfortunately her Mom has no talent. I was static when I get the opportunity to try their service. It also perfect as one of her birthday gift. She just turned double digit recently.

 photo Paint with a twist_zpsznax5wxh.jpg

There are two locations that are closed to where I live. The one we tried is the Lancaster site which took me 30 minutes to drive from where I lived. We passed the area, turned around and found it. It is in the plaza particularly in Suite 550.

 photo Paint with a twist A_zpsdufxdlng.jpg
 photo Paint with a twist B_zpsyeusvsls.jpg

The moment you enter the studio, the ladies are very friendly. Mine you it is my first time to attend an art class though I have heard about their service from my girlfriends. Ms. Susy our art instructor that day is very friendly. She taught us every step of the way before we know it, the art is done. Their is also music played while she speak through the microphone. There were five kids attended in the Sand Castle – Kid’s Camp class that day. They made sand castle with a beach ball. It was perfect for summer. There is also a game where all the kids can join. You have to pay $25 to participate in this class. You can also bring your own snacks and drink. You can bring your art work with you when you are finish. My Summer Babe and I both had a blast.

 photo Paint with a twist C_zpssifhn1kg.jpg

Painting With A Twist is perfect for family activity. They have certain themes that you can attend with friends aside from family.  I highly recommend this place. We have so much fun and cannot wait to try it again. You can check more updates in their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

 photo Paint with a twist D_zpsrsbh2gnt.jpg

I was given an opportunity from US Family Guide in exchange of my honest review.

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