How to learn other language while transacting a business

English is the universal language. We admit it or not English is the common language where people speak and understand anywhere in the world. I grow up in the Philippines. I speak Filipino. We learned English in school. It is also our second language. Anywhere in the Philippines and even kids understand English.

My kids are bi-racial. They are half Filipino and half American. I also teach them with my dialect that I speak. It is not hard to teach them especially my little girl. I can communicate with her with my dialect. My kids learn from watching videos too.

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English writings are very important in business as well. You need to transact your business with the common language likes English aside from your language that is not English. It is not hard to transact. It is very easy to learn too. All you need is the translation agencies to help your business success. You can also ask for a free quote. London is their main site. You can reach them through phone. You can reach them at their London phone numbers 020 3582 3763 or US 1 212 796 5748. You can send them an email at Either way you will get the help you needed the most.

for help.

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Math books that will help my kids up to college

Every year there is a student that visits in our house. The women vary from State to other State. This summer the girl is from Wisconsin. They offer awesome books that cover different subjects. You have to order them and will deliver it for you. They send you postcard when the delivery is close.

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This summer we order two books. They are both Math books. I love these books. It will help my kids to college. It is a very helpful  books. It teaches you everything on how to solve each problem. It is perfect for both parents and students. The books cost more but it is worth.

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This is my summer babe checking out the new books before the school started. I am glad that she is using the books right away. I really love the Math books too. This will help me freshen up my mind. It has been awhile since I went to school.

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How to buy the safest door for your kids room

We changed the old doors to our kids room. They used to have an old doors in their room. Hubby ordered new doors from the Amish. I love how their new doors now. Hubby also apply some gloss to keep it beautiful. We also did not put locks in their door. We think that it is easy for the kids to check. This is also safe when they are grown up. They still have their privacy.

My kids are lucky that they have their own rooms. Growing up I only have my room when I turned 18 years old. I was never happy and independent since I had my room. I could do anything. It is my best place to hide especially when I have a problem. I hope that my kids know that they can stay in their room when they want peace and just enjoy the silence.

How about you? Are you still looking for the safest doors for yours kids room? You can check out doors here. You can also check the infographic below for more information. It is a perfect illustration on what type and kind of doors you want to keep your family safe and sound.

The Winchester Mystery House Infographic
Presented By Door Store America

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