Where to buy all the music stuff that your kids need

Summer is almost here. Soon the kids are in vacation. I know that some States their summer vacation already started. Here in Western new York, we still have until the end of next week next month until my kid’s school are over.

Do your kids love music? Do you want to enroll them in a music class this summer? The http://thehub.musiciansfriend.com/ is the best Website to buy all their musical needs. I wish that my summer babe did not stop her guitar lesson. I would be proud to hear her play her guitar especially during school program. I am sure that her teacher will be amazed.





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Getting Rid Of The Black Board Just Got Easier

Remember that gosh awful classroom blackboard? If you accidentally ran your fingernails across it, the whole class would cringe–especially the teacher. Well, modern classroom educational and collaborative environments have forever eliminated the messy chalk and even messier erasers from one’s remembrance.

 photo thumbnail_zpspdhseuxa.jpg

Although online platforms lead the way in more technological collaborative efforts, there are new players that also lend themselves to educational, business and industrial endeavors in other dynamic ways.

White melamine boards are good, but products such as the following are even better. Eliminating the need to use nails, tapes or pins, this kind of product is ideal for use in instructional or business environments that require collaboration. In essence, it serves as an instant white board that clings with a static charge on either side; moreover, it can be repositioned as needed.

Cutting-Edge Electrostatic Technology

This embedded cutting-edge electrostatic technology allows the flexible white board to not only cling for longer periods, it’s also many times stronger than the typical surface-treated static film used today. In addition, people can use the same permanent and/or dry markers they probably already have on hand now! Moreover, there’s no need to worry about ink bleeding through the film or any remaining residue either.

Use Almost Anywhere

Simple to use, it sticks to indoor glass, drywall, metal, plastic, hardwood, brick, marble and stainless steel surfaces too. Used in board rooms, meeting rooms and classrooms especially, it can be used many times over.

Simply Supplied

Customers shop today at online distributors such as Wizard Wall® knowing that their one-stop supplier is available to help them with any questions they may have. With a product like this one, having a meeting just got easier.

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Meet D my summer babe’s best friend at school

This is my second time that I meet my summer babe’s best friend from school. My summer babe’s best friend starts with D. They are only a day apart. These girls are both shy which I loved.
 photo my summer babes bff at school_zpskbu1tu5m.jpg
I am one of the chaperon today for the school field trip. My summer babe’s class is going to the Art Gallery in our city. This photo was taken during the bus ride going back to school. My summer babe wants me to sit with them on the way to their school.

I got the chance to talk to these beautiful girls. I get the chance to know more about my summer babe’s best friend. I hope that D will get a chance to visit our place sometime. She is very much welcome in our house. These girls are both behave during the bus ride. They even take selfies from each other.

How about you? Have you meet any of your kids best friend from their school?

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