How to keep your kids duffle bag safety 

I wish my summer babe is into dancing. All she knows to dance is the crazy stuff. I even ask if she wants to join a dancing lesson and will enroll her. She said she is not interested. I did not force her.

I know that two of our little neighbor kids who are close to my summer babe’s age are in a dancing class. M & A are sisters that are in the dancing class. They are both pretty and so adorable. I wonder if their Mom ordered them personalized dance duffles bag for each girls in this Website. I bet it will keep their duffles safety and secure. You never know if some of the girls have the same duffles. I always love personalized stuff. They are unique to own.

How about you? Do you need new duffles bag for your little dancer? Why not check this Website. You never know you find the duffle that you wanted your little dancers to own.

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School picture day for my son today

Yesterday and today is school picture day for my son. He had a new haircut yesterday. He said he does not want a long hair on his 7th grade school picture. I drove him to Fantastic Sam for a haircut. We did not wait longer which is great.

New haircut for school picture day and practicing his smile

New haircut for school picture day and practicing his smile

I just ordered a value package which cost $30. It includes 2 5×7, 8 2×3 and 4 3×5. I hope it will turn out great. We practice his smile today while waiting for his school bus. He is one shy boy of ours.

How about you? Did you kids or grandkids already had their school pictures? What package did you order?

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Where to buy the best guitar for your kids

Kids shine in their own strength and talent. Some kids may differ from other kids. It does not mean they are different. Some kids prefer to dance, gymnast, karate or anything. Some kids love music. My summer babe is one that loves to learn about music. She tried gymnast but quit. She also try how to play guitar but she also quit. Now she wants to try to play the baritone.

How about your kids? Do they like to play the guitar? You can learn different types of guitars to help them play it beautifully and perfectly. I wish I know how to play the guitar. I can only sing with it.

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