How to buy the perfect electronic drum set for your drummer

Playing drums takes a lot of practice just like anything else. You will devote many hours to learn the basic before learning all the skills you wanted to explore. Learning how to play the drum is just like going to school. It needs concentration and get the right drums just like this yamaha dtxplorer. This set is what you needed to learn faster about everything you need about how to play the drum properly.

This is the perfect you all need to achieve your goals or dreams of becoming a professional drummer. Check it out you might want this set before it is gone.

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Thank you Ms Gwyneth Jane Page for the PJ Mouse giveaway prize

My summer babe read the book of Ms. Gwyneth Jane Page the Travel Adventures of Pj Mouse in Canada. She also gave it 4 ****’s that you can find in Amazon here. She also has another book “Travel Adventure of Pj Mouse in Queensland which I read and left 5 *****’s review here. We both liked the story and both adored Pj the Mouse. He is quite an adventure and fearless for a tiny mouse that he is.

 photo Pj mouse giveaway prize_zps7xfwx8me.jpg

I also joined the giveaway without thinking that I will win. There are so many entires. Luckily, I won the giveaway prize. My summer babe was so happy and excited when I told her that I got an email and telling me that I won the giveaway. I know that she will love the prize.

 photo Pj mouse giveaway prize A_zpssmfgohys.jpg

The giveaway prize came all the way from Canada. Thank you so much Ms. Gwyneth Jane Page for the giveaway prize. My summer babe and I were both grateful.

 photo Pj Mouse giveaway prize F_zpseewdnakv.jpg

We received Pj the Mouse stuff toy which adds to my summer babe stuff toy collection.

 photo Pj Mouse giveaway prize C_zpsx9nmqtoq.jpg

We also received a signed copy of the book Travel Adventures Of Pj mouse in Canada.

 photo Pj Mouse giveaway prize B_zpsjya8ti2r.jpg

It also came with a bookmark.

 photo Pj Mouse giveaway prize D_zps6gdnd46g.jpg

It also came with Pj’s mouse passport and stickers that you can put inside the passport,

 photo Pj Mouse giveaway prize E_zpsw5w4ntyo.jpg

Overall, my summer babe loved the giveaway prize.

By the way, you can follow Pj’s Mouse adventures in this Facebook page. Please do not forget to click or order your copy of the books of Pj’s Mouse adventures. My summer babe and I both highly recommended the book for your kids or grand children.

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Roald Dahl books that gift she received from Grandma and Grandpa

My family were invited on the Christmas Eve dinner from one of my sister-in-law. I was not going to come if my husband is not working. I am glad that he took  a day off that night.

 photo books from Grandma_zpsnxhrf3b8.jpg
The dinner started at six that night. There were many delicious foods served. It was a sumptuous dinner. There is an exchange gifts but we did not joined but just the kids. My kids received many gifts from their grandparents, aunts and cousins.

 photo books from Grandma A_zpsqpuidwfl.jpg
My summer babe received the books from her favorite author Roald Dahl. There are four books. She loved all the books from this author. It is a great collection for her other books. She likes to read.

 photo books from Grandma B_zpsoww73qtn.jpg
We want to say thank you to Grandma and Grandpa for this gift. She loves the books.

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