Where to buy the best and affordable guitar

If you noticed that any of your kids are interested to learn any musical instruments like the guitar, let them push their passion. I did tried it with my Summer Babe but unfortunately she stopped learning how to play the guitar. She learned her guitar lesson at a musical store closed to where we live. If I were you make sure you check out guitar center for any music instruments or accessories that you future guitarist need. Not only they sell the guitar at affordable prices but many musical instruments as well.

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My Summer Babe own version of Diary Of A Wimpy Kid

My Summer Babe’s interest changes so often. I guess she is in that stage that she wants to explore everything that interest her.

 photo Diary Of A Wimpy Kid A_zpsaq2lwlwk.jpg

Recently, I noticed that she loves anything that has A Diary Of A Wimpy Kid on it. It started when she borrowed and read book from the library in her school. She reads quickly just like her Mommy. She is my little bookworm and my little book reviewer.

 photo Diary Of A Wimpy Kid_zpsami0k4zq.jpg

She asked me to drive and bring her to our local library and borrowed some books. These are all the Diary Of A Wimpy Kid available books. She read it within a week. Aside from reading, she also loves to draw. She loves to watch videos in You Tube to help her draw. This is her own version of A Diary Of A Wimpy Kid named Greg.

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Are you turn between playing a guitar or a ukulele

My Summer Babe has a guitar. She used to have a guitar lesson but lost interest. We keep the guitar instead. Recently, she adores Grace Vanderwaal who won the America’s Got Talent who plays the ukulele. Grace is 12 years old which is  few years older than her. Does your little girl is interested to learn how to play a musical instrument but is turn between a guitar or ukulele? Why not buy her a guitalele tuning? It is a perfect musical instrument for her to start how to loves to play music.

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