How to learn to play the electric guitar

I cannot play any musical instrument. I would rather sing than play any musical instrument. Some people are very gifted to sing and at the same time play any musical instrument. Professional musicians am sure start at a young age to learn how to play. Kids are very easy to learn and catch up easily. One of the students where my summer babe is learning how to play guitar uses an electric guitar. He looks so adorable while carrying his guitar. I wonder if he is using the les paul guitars. The guitar looks fancy too.

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Conference day for my summer babe at her school today

Last month I attended the conference for my eldest son. Today it is my summer babe’s time for her conference. Today also is a half day of school for both of my kids. I cannot wait to hear how is my summer babe doing at her class. it is also my son’s 3rd grade teacher Mrs. D. I have to bring my kids to school with me. My husband is going to work. He will miss another conference for his kids. He has no choice. I am sure that he wants to attend the conference for our kids but the time will not allow him. I am very excited and cannot wait.


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How to learn how to play a musical instrument

My summer babe has a guitar lesson for a month now. She loves to sing. She also loves to play guitar. I cannot wait to hear her play a song in her guitar one day. It is a process and am glad that she is very interested to learn and play guitar.

It is easy to learn any musical instrument if you are very interested. You have to make that a musiciansfriend where you can buy all the musical instrument you want. It is easy to learn any notes or chords if you have a musical instrument that you can practice.

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