Late Valentines party at her school

My summer babe has a Valentine party on the day of hearts. There was no school that day. It was canceled for the dangerous weather condition. The following week is their winter break as well.

 photo VS treats_zpstcpnkdd7.jpg

There are 18 kids in her class. We have to make sure that we bought treats that are enough for her to share with her friends at school. We bought treats that following week. It consists of candies with different kinds and Valentines card.

 photo vs treat A_zps7yjzhonp.jpg
 photo vs treat B_zpsmojwwowz.jpg

My summer babe is very excited to share her Valentines treat for her friends at school. She did a great job writing her friend’s name. I sorted the candies for her. She put them in a bag. I staple it for her to keep them secure.

 photo vs treat c_zpsbry1l7nl.jpg

She has to wait for another week before she can share her Valentine treats. She is very happy when she came home from school. She brought a brown lunch bag with her that is full of Valentines treats that her friends and teachers in school gave her.

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Are you looking for herbal to add your kids health

I grew up taking herbals when I was little. My Mom always give us herbals when were sick. I think it is the reason that until now, I do not rely on medicine when I get sick. I only take water with me.

When my kids were sick, I have to argue with my husband, he gives medicines to our kids right away to make them feel better. I want to learn more about this underberg.

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She is learning how to say the Filipino Alphabet

One dinner night, my summer babe told me that they learned new things from other country today at school. She said she learned a boy from Africa that is so poor, sits on the floor and eat with his hands. Mrs. D asks her class if somebody know anything from other country. She then raised her hand. She said that she is learning how to say the Filipino Alphabet.

I am so proud of her. I even told her how about common words you know in Filipino. You should share to your class. She said that she likes the Filipino Alphabet more. This is my little girl saying the Filipino alphabet. She still need to learn more. We will practice more.

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