Last day of fifth grade

It was two days in the summer and finally the last day of my Summer Babe’s fifth grade. Sixth grade here she comes. The big brother already school is over a day since the summer season started. They both passed and looking forward for the new school year.

 photo last day of fifth grade_zpsjo2xkbai.jpg
My Summer Babe told me to take photos of her for the last day of her fifth grade. I almost forgot it. I am so glad that she reminded me. I took three shots of her. This one is my favorite. I cannot believe that she will be on the sixth grade this September. It is also her last year in the middle school. Time goes so fast indeed. I wish my kids to have a relaxing summer.

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Where to buy the most comfortable guitar

When our kids study, we have to make sure that they are comfortable when they are doing it. They could study by the kitchen, living room or on their bedroom. It does not matter just like this steel guitar. This looks very comfortable to learn how to play. I wish we have one of this guitar t home. My Summer Babe plays the baritone but she did learned how to play the guitar but her interest did not continue.

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My Summer Babe’s Spring School Photo

My Summer Babe’s Spring School Photo

This is my Summer Babe’s new spring school photo. It turned out that bad. I wish she fix her hair. Maybe put a headband or something. I ordered the regular and the cheapest price for the photo. It comes with many sizes, magnets and puzzle too. I am glad that her Dad likes this photo. He is more choosy in terms of the school photo results. Usually, he will ask for  a retake but surprisingly not with this photo.

 photo Spring school photo_zps9ipw3buh.jpg
How about your kids or grandkids? Did you order their spring school photo as well?

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