She forgot to do her homework last night

Usually she does her homework the moment she got home from school. Yesterday was different, she played her Kindle right after she got home. I even ask her if she has the homework. She said she does not have the homework. I let her play with her Mine Craft in her Kindle.

 doing her homework as fast as she can

doing her homework as fast as she can

I ask my kids if they want to check out the new Wal-Mart. I have been there already. It is huge and loving the new Wal-Mart. I let them used the gift cards that their sister gave them last Christmas. They both bought Lego.

They build the Lego when we got home. I prepare the dinner while their playing with their new toys. I ask the little girl is she has the homework. She said no she does not have the homework.

This morning I ask her for her lunch box. I prepare her own lunch for her health. She has the dairy and peanut allergy. She then clean her folder. She was shock that she has the homework. Luckily she is a fast learner and her homework is easy. She hurriedly finished her homework. She went outside and the school bus stop at the right time.

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How to prevent from not having a blood clot

Health is very important for everybody especially for our children. Growing up my family does not have the health insurance. My family relies on herbal medicines to cure us if we are sick. Luckily we were healthy kids while we were young. We stay healthy and active to keep our body in great shape.

When I got married at age 28, I finally have a health insurance. I am covered from my husband’s coverage. I got pregnant after a month when we got married. I was a first time Mommy. I have no clue what I am doing with myself. My family is half way around the world far from me.

photo grabbed from their Website

photo grabbed from their Website

I had my first baby when I was 29 years old. I delivered a premature baby boy who weighs five pounds and four Oz. He is one healthy baby despite being born at 33 weeks and 4 days. Everything is fine when I delivered him except my placenta is stacked inside me. It will not come out when my baby boy was delivered. I had him through natural birth and without any medicines.

I was brought to the operating room. I had an epidural to relieve a painless when they removed my placenta. Everything went well after the surgery. We should be discharge from the hospital a day after I delivered my babe but I had a bad headache. The doctor found out I had a blood clot. I have no clue what it is really. Luckily for yourself you can check the signs and symptoms from this Website on how to prevent from having one.

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The school is closed

It has been three days since my kid’s school is closed. The wind chill is extremely dangerous for the kids. Their health is very important. I am so glad that our district decided to close the school.

 playing UNO to start their  day while school is closed

playing UNO to start their day while school is closed

My kids love it of course, right? They played board  games while school is closed. They played UNO and Monopoly. They both get along real well. I did not hear fight.

How about you? How is the weather where you are? Are your school closed too?

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