Does your kid wants to play flute?

My Summer Babe is playing the baritone now in fourth grade. She told me few days ago that she wanted to play flute. I told her it is really up to you if that is what you want to play. I will support my Summer Babe whatever musical instruments she wants to play. I am not sure if we could rent a flute for her. If not this website with the flute is what I want to check out and hope they her size.

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My Summer Babe is in the Spelling Bee

This year is her fifth time to join the Spelling Bee at her school. She started joining the spelling bee since she was in Kindergarten. The teachers picked her as one of the 20 students that represent the fourth grade in the school this year. We are so proud of our Summer Babe. It does not matter if she win or lose. The closer she won was Fifth Place when she was on Kindergarten.

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I thought that I will miss her spelling bee today. I am so glad that co-worker is willing to exchange schedules with me. I worked on her shift yesterday so she can work on my shift today. I do appreciated her kindness so much. I have never missed her spelling bee she was in Kindergarten.

I wish my Summer Babe good luck in her spelling bee today.

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How to buy the perfect electronic drum set for your drummer

Playing drums takes a lot of practice just like anything else. You will devote many hours to learn the basic before learning all the skills you wanted to explore. Learning how to play the drum is just like going to school. It needs concentration and get the right drums just like this yamaha dtxplorer. This set is what you needed to learn faster about everything you need about how to play the drum properly.

This is the perfect you all need to achieve your goals or dreams of becoming a professional drummer. Check it out you might want this set before it is gone.

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