Supporting Relay and Roswell fund-raiser at schoo


The school has a fund-raiser for Saturday. My son wants to go. There is a volleyball game inside the gym. It is against their school teachers and from a visiting school. There is also a basket raffle. The ticket cost $5 for a stub and there are 20 tickets. There is also a relay for life where you can give for a $1 and can join the games for kids like face painting, tattoo, and can play dance Wii. My son is not interested with any of the activities. He wants to watch the volleyball instead. I know that he loves sport. Their school team won. We only stayed for an hour and half and went home. There are also foods available at the cafeteria but he does not want to eat. I am glad that he likes to support his school. Do you like to attend to your kids’ school activities? I am linking this entry to #87 of 366 Blog Photo Challenge.

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