Program for Kindergarten parents

Last Friday my husband and I attended our little girl’s school program.


It is for all the Kindergarten parents and guardians. All the Kindergarten students sing songs for all the parents. They all look s adorable in their hats. It is like a thank you program for all the parents from their kids. Each class is wearing different color of hats. My little girl’s class wears red. It has an I LOVE YOU on the middle which they made by themselves. They also have pictures of each student when they were babies and were all precious.


It makes me cry. I decided to let my little girl wear shirt that has his Daddy climb up on the post.


The Daddy also wears the same shirt. It is like a green/yellow color and has a man climbing on the post working. My husband works in a power company. Everybody has the cookies after the show. It was a 30 minutes show but very beautiful. I am linking this entry to Ruby Tuesday 2 and Kids in Doodles.

Ruby Tuesday 2

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