Picture day at my kids’ school today

I got a paper from my kids folder in their backpacks. It is about the picture day for next week. I have to make sure that I do not forget to fill-up the form, order the package I want and enclose money in the envelope. I have a note on the refrigerator for that specific day.

Today is picture day at my kid’s school. I want to make sure that they wear beautiful dress or outfit. My son wants to wear a black shirt. I am glad that I found a long sleeve and a tie that goes with it. My little girl wears a long sleeve dress. It also matches her brother’s black shirt. I hope that their school pictures will turn really good. I just order the deluxe which is $33. It comes with 1 size 8×10, 2 size 5×7, 4 sizes if 3×5, 8 sizes of 2×3 wallets and 1 class picture. I will order more if I really like their school pictures. By the way, this picture will be included in their year book. They also have a recap day if you do not like the pictures. The photographer can takes another picture. This is also a wonderful day if your kids missed the picture day on the said date.

What about you? Do your kids have the school picture day? Do you order their pictures too? What package do you usually order?


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