Making a pink slime

One of my daughter’s favorite subject in her school is Science. Though sometimes she is struggling. She got a 86 from her latest report card. She also loves to check experiment videos online. She loves to make a slime. I think it is popular in her school as of the moment.

 photo pink slime_zpsqiurpqa5.jpg
I do not like the feel of slime, it gives me a weird feeling. She loves doing it and she is having a blasts except she does not know how to clean up the mess after. I drove her to Walmart to buy her supplies. They are not expensive because most of the ingredients can be found in the kitchen. We just buy what she is missing.

 photo pink slime A_zps7tw5mdsm.jpg
Anyway, I ask her if she could make me a pink slime. Here she is with her pink slime. I am happy that one shaped like a heart. She is also wearing a pink shirt aside from the pink slim which is perfect for Pink Friday.

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2 Responses to Making a pink slime

  1. your daughter is so pretty! I don’t know what’s with slime that kids love it,even my son does too. 🙂

  2. My kids would love this! Hmm…I will check youtube, too. Great way to get them busy even for just one morning. haha

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