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                                                                  歡迎參加中福在线连环夺宝 CAUP 2017 暑期國際設計夏令營

                                                                  2017-04-08 新聞動態時間: 6904 views

                                                                  微信圖片_20170407133621.jpg2017 Tongji Summer School Brief  

                                                                  Tongji CAUP summer school is an annual event of ten-yearhistory and has become a cherished tradition. Each summer, CAUP holds atwo-week design camp devoted to the exploration of cutting edge approaches andstrategies in the field of landscape architecture, architecture and urbanplanning. This event includes field trips to facilitate the camperscomprehension of the urban andenvironmental issues of China. Works of the summer school are exhibited andpublished as a book. Top works are selected by a jury and awarded. All localboarding and fieldtrip expense during summer school will be borne on Tongji,while students need to pay for their international and domestic travels toShanghai.

                                                                  This year, the event is themed asLANDSCAPE REGENERATION: TheRevitalization of The Waterfront Portal.

                                                                  Water nurtures everything. Waterfront, an urban area of bothnatural and artificial, is a valuable resourcefor people to escape from the crowdedurban life, and for them to breathe fresh air (Charles Moore). Since the 1970s, the regenerationof waterfront has been an important opportunity for city development andtransition.

                                                                  Although the redevelopment of the waterfront has beendiscussed and practiced in many cities in the world, in this summer school weaim to reinvent a waterfront portal, an critical landmark in Shanghai,exploring a localized model for waterfront landmark revitalization. How tobridge the gap between the city and the river through landscape regeneration,returning the waterfront to the citizens? How to revive the waterfront withecological environment restored and the quality of public spaces improved,while historical and cultural consistence maintained? More importantly, how canwe create an active waterfront with Shanghai local features through out-of-boxdesign and sound justifications?

                                                                  Finally, we hope this summer school could offer anopportunity for international academic communication, a stage to share creativedesign ideas, and a platform to foster brilliant future designers.

                                                                  CAUP welcomes applications from students of diverse academicbackgrounds. Basically we encourage those colleges holding a partnership withCAUP to recommend talented candidates. We also welcome applications frominterested institutions all around the world. Good command of the Englishlanguage is required to ensure the quality of communication and production. Anacademic committee will be appointed to assess and shortlist the applications.We expect to accept 40 students (10CAUP students,10 applicants from other partsof China, and 20 international students).

                                                                  April 30, 2017 is the deadline to submit all application materials. Anacceptable application should consist of thefollowing components:

                                                                  1. Application Form

                                                                  2. Your CV

                                                                  3. Recommendation letterfrom your professor


                                                                  We preferred applicationsto be submitted electronically. All forms, supporting materials and questions related to application should be directed to tongjisummer2017@126.com. Please limityour supporting documents to 3Mb.

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